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Weekly Blake's 7 Ficlet Challenge

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Name:Weekly Blake's 7 Ficlet Challenge
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This is Blake's 7 Friday, a weekly short story challenge community. How short? Byatts (50 words), drabbles (100 words), or stories up to 500 words (though we don't mind if you're over that).

Each week, one of the volunteer topic-setters will post a challenge. This will be added to memories so that it's easy to find. To see the current topics or all topics ever set, click on the link in the sidebar. By the way, you don't have to write the story on a Friday; you have all week.

  1. Anything over a PG-13 rating should go behind a cut-tag with a warning, but readers are also responsible for what they choose to read.

  2. Longer stories should also go behind a cut-tag (use your own judgement).

  3. There are new fans still discovering B7. Stories with spoilers should go behind a cut-tag and the spoiler specified outside the cut in such a way that people who haven't seen the whole series can work out whether they want to read the story. (E.g. "Major spoilers for season 2", "Minor spoilers for the episode Bounty")

  4. If you so wish, you can submit more than one story per challenge.

  5. You have only a week to answer each challenge. Once the new topic has been posted, time's up!

  6. Once each quarter you'll be able to write on any previous topic or topics. These will be listed in the challenge to give people a chance to do ones they missed or to have another go at one. You must say in your post which topic it's for.

  7. No flaming.
Suggestions for challenges are welcome from others by posting comments on the latest topic post.

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