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An ordinary day on the Liberator? Let's see...
Gen - much too long - I twisted the basic idea of the challenge; I hope it's still acceptable.

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An Ordinary day?

Jenna smiled triumphantly at Cally.
"See," she said. I told you it would work.
Cally smiled back as the gun in her hand hummed softly as it dried her still damp hair. Jenna was right those hand guns gave the perfect curl.
Meanwhile in his cabin Blake sung softly to himself in a deep welsh baritone, "It was on Monday morning..", as he used another of the same guns, carefully smoothing out the creases of his freshly laundered shirts.
On the flight deck Avon paced back and forth anxiously, casting a glance up at the Zen computer. His brown leather jacket slowly rotated as the warm air jets dried it. He hoped this time at least Zen wouldn't cause it to shrink like he did the last one. After all those wardrobe rooms only had so many jackets that would fit him.
In the seating area Vila and Gan were hunched over yet another game Vila had unearthed. Those aliens must have had a lot of free time on their hands too, there were so many games available. Oddly enough the rules seemed to be known almost as soon as the game was found. Apart from Zen's "security system" it was the only other overt sign of telepathy being displayed by the ship.
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So what would be an ordinary "day" for the Liberator crew?
Reading a lot of fan fic it would probably go like this:-

It was just another day in Blake’s crusade against the Federation. The rebels they were waiting for naturally had a traitor in their midst, in the ensuing fire fight one of the crew lost their bracelet just at the crucial teleport stage.
Naturally the pursuit ships were waiting on the other side of the planet ready to spring their trap. So Liberator had to flee leaving the captured crewmember to the tender mercies of the local commander. Who would of course summon Travis or Servalan to the planet thus tipping off to the merry band that their fellow crewmember was still alive. The hapless crew member is of course interrogated but refuses to talk, or in the case of Vila maybe talk too much! A daring rescue is planned and carried out during which the traitorous rebel is shot, assuming they hadn’t already been killed when the initial trap was sprung. The local commander then is left to face the wrath of Travis or Servalan .
Just a typical “day” in the life of Liberator!
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I've put this as link to my web site as it is a hundred or so words over the 500.

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I don't know about you, but my life's been pretty dull lately. Even ordinary days can be worth writing about, though, so this week's challenge is An ordinary day on.... (Or "in" or "at," if you prefer. We're not going to be picky about prepositions.)


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