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This week's topic is, not surprisingly, Romance. Here's a link to the Oxford dictionary.


So you can use the word in the expected sense, or have fun interpreting it any way the definition inspires you.
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Been a while since I put anything here and I thought I should break the duck. However everything I started failed so here is an excerpt from my vast PGP, part 4 of which might yet start its appearance soon. This is as close to sex as I ever get to writing and if you read it you'll see why. Good few more words than a ficlet  and possibly PG 13 so behind the cut.

Avon has a little 'encounter ' with Servalan.

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Title: Gifts
Characters: Jenna, Blake
Rating: PG
Warnings: So much fluff.
Length: 300 words
Challenge: Romance (or not)

Jenna has received plenty of gifts in her time. )
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For the romance (or not) challenge, a short PGP story.


"You never give me any compliments, Vila."

"Yes, I do! I noticed how fast and accurate you were when you took down those troopers the other day."

"Not very romantic though, is it?"

"But Soolin, there's not much point telling you how beautiful you are, or how light and long your hair is and all that stuff. I mean, you know it already."

Soolin narrowed her eyes.

"Oh all right. You are the cheese in the toasted sandwich of life."

"Cheese? Cheese?" Soolin advanced on Vila, looking dangerous.

"That's right! You can put anything you like in a toasted sandwich, but it has to have cheese or it isn't a proper one. No real taste, you see."

Soolin stopped and considered this. So she was essential to Vila's enjoyment of life? "All right," she said, pushing him over so that he fell on the couch, then joining him there. "That just may be the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."


16 Feb 2008 12:39 am
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Title The Course Of True Love
Rating Gen
Word Count 225
Author's notes No spoilers set in S1/S2 no particular point.

Never Did Run Smooth )
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Since it was Valentine's Day yesterday, this week's challenge is to write about romance--or the distinct lack of it: Mills & Boon (romantic slush) or cynicism.


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