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Your topic for this week is:


It's up to you how you interpret the prompt, but you can find some lists of proverbs (English) here, or here or here. (Though there's no need to limit yourself to English language proverbs, of course. Any proverb you wish to use is fine).

Don't forget that all fanworks are welcome and if this week's prompt isn't inspiring you, you can always use any of our past prompts at any time. Have fun!
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Always been more of a lurker in this community, but if I would like to make my contribution to its survival in the form of some fanart/manips. 

My interpretation of the prompt:  "Proverbs, Sayings & Figures of speech".

1 these and more on my journal
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This week it's proverbs, sayings, and figures of speech, straight or mangled. Set before the series, but spoilers for up till Rumours of Death in season three. 200 words.

Grounds )

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Avon waved a branch in front of the Terminal 'snake-plant' "Interesting, the tentacles act as sense-organs. In a way, they are its eyes."

Tarrant stumbled along the cliff, still shaky from his injury,and was snared by the tentacles.

"SHOOT, Avon!" Tarrant shouted as the four-way 'jaws' opened wide and engulfed his feet.

Avon hesitated. "I hate to waste the energy pack." He watched while the plant continued to swallow Tarrant. The plant got him down to the belt buckle, then suddenly bent over and dumped Tarrant on the ground.

Avon smiled. "I knew its eyes were bigger than its stomach."

(and the phrase is, of course, 'His eyes were bigger than his stomach')
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Vila knew it was all up with the Liberator when he checked the teleport room.

The slime, or fungus, whatever was eating the ship, clung to the walls there too, but he hardly noticed it. He stared, fascinated, at the teleport bay, carpeted with rats.

He'd never realised there were so many. Sure, he'd seen one or two from time to time, after his pets escaped, and he'd fed them, when his crewmates weren't about. But now they were crammed so tightly into the teleport bay, they stood on their hind paws. It gave them an oddly human look, like so many refugees on a station platform in some ancient sepia print. They stood patiently, eerily silent.

As he watched, forgetting his own worries for the moment, one at the front shuffled forward slightly and looked straight at him. It was small and wiry, with the bright-eyed hopefulness of a born survivor.

"All right, mate," he said softly. He got one of the teleport bracelets and laid it carefully on top of the shifting wave of ratty shoulders; they were so close-packed that they bore the weight easily. He moved back to the console, set co-ordinates and pressed. "Good luck."

Edit: Eep! just remembered the specs said to state what proverb/saying you're using. The one about rats deserting a sinking ship.
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See, about a year after "The Web," Avon got really bored and invented a high-pitched-chittering translator, so they went back to see how the Decimas were getting on with the planet.

About 500 words; rated G for Grooooooan.

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We all know that idle hands are the devil's playground, so it's time to put on your thinking caps, stop hiding your light under a bushel, and whip something up for this week's challenge: proverbs, sayings, and figures of speech (a topic inspired by [livejournal.com profile] entropy_house). Use any well-known linguistic cliche you like, whether as a title, an inspiration, or a line in your ficlet. (Feel free to twist or distort 'em, too, if you like, e.g. "Time wounds all heels.") If you're having trouble thinking of any, there's a browsable and searchable "phrase finder" here, or you can get ten random phrases here (though that one often seems to come up with some, um, odd results). Do state somewhere what phrase you're using, please!


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