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I used this once before, but my much loved original disappeared off the net this year. However, someone made an equally excellent replacement, so your challenge for this week is:

Genremixer Prompt Generator

You can find it here. Simply type your characters in the box, select your settings and it will generate combinations of characters and tropes for you to play with! Pick one and come up with something for this week's challenge! Have fun!

(Don't forget that all fanworks are welcome - even if this one probably is a little more writing orientated! - and that all previous prompts are open for grabs at any time.)
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I enjoy playing with fanfic tropes (and subverting them) and have a helpless love for Random Generators (as anyone who knows me will have learned by now). Therefore your challenge for this week, should you choose to accept it, is to go to the

Genre Mixer Prompt Generator

type in the character(s) of your choice, and then write fic for the resulting prompts! (Servalan runs away to join the circus! Avon and Tarrant have hallucinations and buy curtains! Travis plays mind games with vampires! Dayna and Servalan are werewolves! Servalan and Tarrant woke up gay! With vampires! Yes, this is what it just gave me. Have fun with the shiny internet toy.)

It's up to you who you include, whether you set it to single characters, genres or cliches, pairings or random, and NSFW tropes (or not).

Have fun!


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