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Whoops, sorry I'm a little late! For this week's topic, here's a hardy perennial that we haven't had in a while:


Feel free to interpret that as you will (crossovers, crossing over something, whatever you can think of) & remember that all fanworks are welcome! If this week's prompt doesn't inspire you, you can always grab any of our previous prompts. Have fun!
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I originally wrote this as an [livejournal.com profile] intoabar fic. As it fulfills this week's prompt I am posting it here too for those who do not follow the ficathon. As it was for [livejournal.com profile] intoabar it is a little longer than usual

Title: Brief Encounter
Author: jaxomsride
Prompt: Sarek walks into a bar and meets Vila
Fandoms: Classic Trek / Blake's 7
Word count: 1190
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None required.
Author's notes: For all the nitpickers who quibble over the watch, Sarek is newly arrived on Earth and is calibrating his time sense with local time.
Disclaimer: This a transitive work with no intention of cashing in on it!
Brief Encounter )
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Because we haven't had this one in a while (not since 2010), this week's topic is:


Have fun!
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Starblake Atlantis (158 words)

"He's petty, arrogant, and bad with people," Vila commented to the attractive, slender warrior woman from another planet and the huge, quiet man beside her. He felt oddly comfortable with them and their pilot/leader with the wild hair.

Teyla sipped meditatively at her tea. Soolin said nothing. She was covertly looking at Avon and Rodney, comparing eyelashes.

Ronon shrugged and ate another sandwich. "Yeah, you should do what I do," Ronon said, flexing a bicep idly as he broke his weapon down to show an enthralled Dayna how it worked.

Sheppard smirked and looked across the flight deck at Rodney, hands waving wildly as he and Avon discussed the time/space anomaly that had brought them together, and which they had simultaneously, and rudely, said was far beyond their respective crew's understanding. "Don't get Vila broken, Ronon." He exchanged glances with Tarrant. "Wanna race? I bet my puddlejumper can beat your planethopper."

Tarrant grinned back at him. "You're on."
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Title: Crime and Punishment.
Word Count: 268
Rating: Gen
Notes: Inspired by A Little Gift For The Corps You can blame my Muse for the rest.
Disclaimer: I don't own either of these universes, I hope JMS will excuse me for Borrowing his for a bit too.

Crime and Punishment )
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We haven't done crossovers in a while so let's give it another go.

This week's topic: Crossovers
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Title: Subject EHP-272/708470787
Challenge: x-over with Lie to Me
Characters: Dr. Cal Lightman/?
Notes: set after S2 Star One; no spoilers I can think of...
Warning: un-betaed
Rating: gen
Words: 474 (sorry!)

My first post, although I've been a member for some years now. I visit Lj and the B7 sites irregularly, but it's always nice to read the stories here.

Cut for length )
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Title: Definitely not in Kansas
Word Count: 100
Rating: Gen
Notes: You can blame [livejournal.com profile] entropy_house for this one. Her fic inspired this.

Tarrant decided his injuries were worse than he thought and that he was hallucinating. The knee high people singing in high voices were bad enough, but where did the road suddenly spring up from? Its yellow bricks stretched on for as far as the eye could see, wending between the tiny thatched houses.

Tarrant took one last look at the wreckage of Scorpio and the two black shod feet sticking out underneath. With another bright smile at the little people as they continued to celebrate the demise of the Wicked Witch, Tarrant took his first step along the paved road.

Title: Hell takes many forms
Word Count: 50
Rating: Gen

Avon looked down. He was covered in bright blue fur except for his stomach. There a large white circle of fur contained the image of a black storm cloud. All around him were other bears smiling cheerfully and being excruciatingly nice to each other. There wasn't a gun in sight.
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Sometimes Avon wasn't sure it had been a good idea staying behind to dig Cally out of the rubble and nurse her back to health. Building a home and learning to do without the luxuries he once considered necessities had been simple compared to giving up his ambition. Living alone, they had forged a bond so strong that... well, children are a natural result of such closeness.

But watching his blond son talking to his striped felinoid toy while he sculpted Snow-Links biting each other's heads off made Avon seriously wonder about the recessive genes in his family tree.

(I'd just been to the thrift store today & picked up a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon book. Calvon! I couldn't resist.)
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X-over prompt.

Because [livejournal.com profile] crycraven  and [livejournal.com profile] entropy_house  made me...

Pieces of the robot littered the beach.  Gold-coloured armament had melted into black skirting panels.  Former sensors bled electric wires, and to cap it all, Vila was certain the gooey substance he’d just stepped in was organic.


With hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea to greet Avon with “exterminate!”

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Title: Stranded
Challenge: X-over, with Pirates of the Caribbean
Character: Cally
Words: 407

Stranded )
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For the crossover challenge. 960 words, set post-series.

Crash )

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Title: What's in a Name
Characters: Vila, Avon
Rating: Gen
Words: 192

What's in a Name )
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Title: The Rescue
Word Count: 535
Rating: Gen
Notes: A meeting that gives a happier ending to Terminal.

Cut For Length )
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This week's challenge is crossovers. I know we've done them before, but they're always fun. :-)

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For this week's crossover challenge, my first zombie story, and over twice the length it ought to be, sorry. I don't think you need to have seen the film to understand the story, and besides, the B7 intrusion turned it into an AU.

Vila of the Dead )

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Slightly over 3,000 words, Gen, Zany, 14 other shows crossed with Blake's 7. It's here.
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It quickly became apparent that this would take far more than 500 words. So I present you with a snippet - the "Snappy Put-down" Competition. Winners of the various events are determined by popular vote (there's a poll in my LJ, but I'm not sure if I give the link whether it will lead to the poll or the results). The scene - a panel of celebrity Mary Sues led by Rose Tyler is critiquing the performance of the finalists.
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The Multiverse deadline approaches, so hey, it's crossovers again. Forget logic and have fun!. There are even a couple of great shows with characters who could rival Avon in the 100m snark.

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Another crossover, this time with, well, guess who. 200 words.

Gone in 60 Seconds )

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Challenge: Crossover Blake's 7/Doctor Who (I've cheated, this is set in the same universe as 'Achieving Escape Velocity')
100 words exactly.
Warning: Femslash, Cally/Leela. Rating: PG13 (sexual references, and violence)
Spoilers: Terminal/Rescue
Read more... )
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Blake's 7/Farscape crossover, with Crais and Travis. Vague spoilers for Farscape S3 end and B7 S2 end; slightly less vague spoilers for an episode in B7 S1. Cuz people said they wanted it.

Read more... )
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A crossover with H2G2

“WHAT have you done to the ship?”

“I had it serviced, and it was about time too. I know Vila’s cleaned the ballast tanks, but there comes a point at which they need flushing professionally. There’s a new franchise just started up, so I got a good price for a full service”

“And you just didn’t think of the consequences of letting The Sirius Cybernetic Corporation loose on Slave? DID YOU?”

“Share and enjoy, share and enjoy. Travel through life with a plastic boy………”
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The slingshot effect might have worked if the sun they'd chose to circle hadn't been unstable. It went nova at the worst possible instant, flinging the U.S.S. Enterprise far into the future.

Spock argued that they should find another suitable sun and reverse the process, but Kirk's curiosity led them to discover that the Federation was now a repressive dictatorship, worse than any he'd encountered in his own time.

Naturally, he seduced Servalan. One kiss and she was putty in his arms, vowing to reform and be a good girl, if only he would rule at her side and give her many children.

Spock did a quick genetic scan and was alarmed at the possible consequences, but Kirk over-ruled him, saying that it was his manifest destiny. After consultation with Dr. McCoy, Spock accepted the role of Best Man at the bonding ceremony of his captain and Servalan.

As he made the wedding toast, plate of cake in one hand, Spock deftly used the supplied utensil to carry out an impromptu vasectomy on Kirk. Spock's spork saved the day.

([livejournal.com profile] miwahni tempted me to do this, so she should share the blame.) This could also be an entry for Celebration/ Domestic Matters/ Joke and Redemption (if you believe Servalan was really redeemed by the Lerve of a Good Man...*gack*)
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The crossover challenge, late, but could be computers too... 300 words
cut for length only )

Crossover's Red Dwarf, btw
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I fully blame Foenix for the following. I was asking for crossover ideas, and he said, "Smurfs."

So, 100 words, Smurfs/Blake's 7:

"My name is Papa Smurf. I'd like to know why you have kidnaped me."

"Look, we didn't kidnap you. You just got here... by accident, that's it, right, Cally?"

"Vila--all right, fine. Papa Smurf. I apologize for the inconvenience, and as soon as we can, we'll set you down at a spaceport."

"Everyone here is very nice. Well, with one or two exceptions–you know exceptions, don't you?"

"No, I don't."

"Well, not that they're speciest or anything--well, Avon is, he prefers computers to humans. And Tarrant hates anything that isn't useful. So, maybe you'd better just avoid them..."

Two crossovers:
It Was Summer - Farscape/Blake's 7: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1687089/1/ Contains spoilers for Rescue, and Farscape's third season.

Achieving Escape Velocity - Blake's 7/Doctor Who: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2211488/1/ post-Star One, and post-Invasion of Time (femslash, Leela/Cally)
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Another one, this time a crossover with Red Dwarf. A missing scene from Shadow, 500 words with a mild innuendo warning.

Pleasure )

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This is a crossover with Star Wars. Set just after Gauda Prime with references to several eps. It's longer than usual (700 words) but I couldn't really fit it into fewer.

The Force )


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