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For the topic of bad luck, 400 words, set in season 4.

Cat and Mouse )

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Cally's voice is contrite. "It's my fault." She's trying not to laugh, as she cuts the ropes around Avon's wrists.

"Yes." His tone is sardonic, his eyes meeting hers only briefly before he accepts the gun she hands him.

"I meant to sell them Tarrant, you see." She informed him as she glanced around the corner.

"And you accidentally sold them me?"

"Bad luck I looked at you when I agreed."


She considers as they near the end of the corridor. "But I wouldn't have tried rescuing him."

"Why not?"

"He's not as useful," she says baldly.

He laughs.
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'We were lucky to get out with our lives,' I said the first time I met you.

'We've all been lucky, not many of our people survived the battle,' you replied.

Of course, you were playacting at being ‘Captain Del Tarrant, Gallant Officer Of The Federation’, while I was pretending to be Avon’s child bride. I don’t know which I find more amusing, now. Nevertheless, I imagine we both felt we were fortunate not to be dead, distraught as I was about Father and Lauren.

Do you still feel lucky? Because the more Vila drinks, the nastier Soolin gets, and the further Avon sinks into despair, the more I feel my luck ran out long ago.

Of course, I can’t say so. It’s just one more thing that goes unsaid between us.
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Because I've been having so much lately, this week's topic is bad luck.


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