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Title: Putting the Soap into the Opera
Word Count: 214
Rating: Gen with some nudity
Notes: spoilery for "Terminal"

cut for length and spoiler )
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Title: Ouch!
Word Count: 120
Rating: Gen
Notes: No specific series

“Do I know you?” Avon frowned in puzzlement at the dark curly haired woman bending over him.

“Oh Avon,” Cally sighed. “How could you forget me. I'm carrying your child!” She took hold of his hand to place it over her swollen abdomen. His hand jerked as it was kicked by the baby within, as if it too was furious at him.

“Oh!” Avon murmured weakly as shock sent him spiralling down into the darkness he'd so recently ascended from.

Cally sighed as Avon's head hit the floor with a resounding 'crack'. With any luck the second blow might cancel out the amnesia caused by the first. She settled on the floor beside him to wait.
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Title: Mixed feelings
Word Count: 226
Rating: Gen
Notes: Set PWB

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Title: It's All a Dream
Author: Wolfma
Challenge: Soap Opera Tropes
Type: Season Four
Rating: Mild PG for implied slash

It's All a Dream )
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Title: Serendipity?
Word count: 268
Rating: PG for suggestiveness

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This week's prompt is to write B7 as a (goofy/melodramatic/?) soap opera.

For a list of soap tropes to get you started, this is a good site: Soap Opera Cliches.


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