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Avon kept his gun in his hand as he walked through the dark alley. "Anybody here?" he asked. At the far end of the alley, a shadow moved. He stopped walking. "Show yourself!"

"Yes," said a nervous voice, "Good plan, that. Who are you?"

"I think you know." said Avon.
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Follows [livejournal.com profile] hafren's Lovers from the Past
Still 500 words, still using the prompts.
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Follows [livejournal.com profile] entropy_house's The Lover of the Ghost. Still 500 words, still using the prompts. Acknowledgements to J Lennon
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I haven't written B/A for a while, but when a prompt like that comes up, it's nature's way of telling you it's time you did... Thanks to Sally and Astro for this brilliant challenge. 500 words, cut for length and very mild slashiness. )
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You can't make a mutoid with those capabilities, the finest surgeons in Space Command argued. After the first two were reassigned to the clinic for radioactive slaves on Ursa Major, the remaining surgeons found a way.

People may have thought that Commissioner Sleer's pair of mutoid bodyguards looked familiar, but after her success on Gauda Prime, no one was going to mention a minor peccadillo like unauthorized staffing.

And since her quarters were soundproofed, no one ever noticed any odd noises coming from them in the off-watch. Life was so much safer when you didn't notice things around the Commissioner.

(I kept getting sexy results, so I went with two of them.)
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I, too, sneaked in an extra couple of titles. I'm sure that "The Screwtape Letters" was considered motivational literature at Space Academy.

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Carnal Summer was the title. Couldn't resist so here he is:
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Man, it's been ages and ages since I've actually written something for one of these challenges, as opposed to just telling other people what to do. I'd gotten to the point where I was starting to feel kinda bad about it. Fortunately, the ol' B-Movie generator came through with a too-perfect title, and, um, I had a little quiet downtime at work...

So, I give you:

The Spirit of the Convict )
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The London Justice.

"Captain," said Servalan, "Word is spreading. It doesn't look good for those spared the death penalty to be shot en route to Cygnus Alpha."

"I gave Mr Raiker authority." said the London's captain, "He overstepped the bounds of it a little. He's dead now, and can't defend himself."
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Your challenge this week is to go to the B-Movie Generator, obtain a randomly generated title, and write a story to fit it. Feel free to keep refreshing until you find one you like; some of the results can be quite, er, inspiring.

(And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sallymn for bringing this piece of silliness to my attention. You're very inspirational yourself of late, Sally!)


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