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As this month is NaArMaMo the topic this week is Art, interpret it any way you wish (it doesn't have to be about pictures!).
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For this week's topic of art, four drabbles, one for each season.

Art for All Seasons )


10 Jun 2006 06:01 pm
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For the challenge "Art": 151 words.

            Of course I looked for her files. With my skills, it was child’s play to hack into their system. The files simply weren’t there. Why should it surprise me? Most dictatorships have ways of making inconvenient people “disappear;” the Federation, excelling in efficiency, makes them disappear from history itself. So there was no image left to match the one so vivid in my dreams each night, the one which faded ever paler upon each waking.
            Nevertheless, I required the picture. Unfortunately, the closest I have ever come to portraiture was making the obligatory schematic diagrams for my design projects. The skills don’t seem to transfer. The nose – her nose – is at the proper angle, the eyes – her eyes – are set the proper width apart. But taken together, it’s not her. It’s the life that is missing, that somehow escapes me even though I tried to hold onto it with both hands.
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In the past there's been discussion on B7 mailing lists about art in the Federation. We see at least two paintings, Tymus's drawing, and several statues, but feel free to write about art in any of its forms, or any meaning of the word.


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