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Title: "Beware Something Nasty Pretending to Be Nice"
Word Count: 100
Rating: Gen
Notes: Inspiration struck while watching "Demons"

“Well it looked cute!” Vila exclaimed gazing in horror at the the creature as it turned the corner of the corridor..

“No doubt!” Avon replied harshly as he clenched his hand over his forearm in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. “Now you had better get after it before it decides to breed or something.”

Vila paled at the thought of more of the things running round the Liberator. The creature had seemed fine when he picked it up and slipped it into his jacket. He swallowed convulsively, he hadn't realised it had had so many teeth.
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Jenna looked at shirtless Blake, sweating in the mine, and knew why he wore such baggy tops.

Jenna was again surprised when Vila took off his shirt, exposing a fit chest. Perhaps he did second-story work. The thought of Vila scaling a wall dressed in tight-fitting black distracted her from her own work.

She cried out as a guard's whip lashed around her blouse, cutting through the thin fabric. Vila was instantly at her side, helping her pull herself together. "You'll want this," he whispered, slipping her falsie back into position, and patting it fondly. "MMm. Nice one."

Jenna grinned.

(the challenge was: Appearances are deceiving )
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Title:  Speak Softly.
Prompt: Appearances can be deceptive.
Characters: Vila, Avon.
Length:  334 words.
Rating: PG.
Notes: No spoilers.

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Title: The Expediencies of Time
Word Count: 1047
Rating: Gen
Genre: P-P-PWB

Note: What happens if you can see the future?

The Expediencies of Time )
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This week's topic is appearances are deceiving.

(For instance, today appears to be Saturday or Sunday, depending on where you are. But it's really Friday, we swear!)


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