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We don't see many animals in the series. Pick one like the oddly-named female in my icon, or make one up. Did people enhance their lives with pets? Were they used for unusual purposes on colony planets (e.g. huge trained birds for transport)?

Or you can write about the worst B7 episode ever.
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(I've been reading a lot of animal transformation crackfic. :^)

Avon woke up snarling. Bad enough this world's Circe had turned him into a panther, but couldn't he even be left to nap in peace? Another nut landed on his head and he looked up into the branches at the gray squirrel bouncing from twig to twig. I wouldn't push my luck if I were you, Vila.

What are you going to do? You haven't got hands.
Vila held another nut teasingly.

I've got these. Avon showed his fangs.

Um, here Cally, this is for you. Vila gave the nut to the African gray parrot perched next to him.

Quit squabbling. We've got to find Blake, Jenna said irritably. It took Avon a moment to see the green and purple spotted chameleon clinging to the tree beside Vila.

Yes, yes, fulfill the quest and get back to normal. Avon's tail twitched irritably as he sat up. Brush crackled. Avon turned to see a heavily maned lion. There you are.

And there you are. The lion seemed to smile as he moved closer.

A massive black paw swatted the lion in the head. Blake the lion growled before closing its one yellow eye as it slumped, unconscious.

Blake pushed his shaggy bear body into the clearing. Don't you know better than to talk to strangers, Avon?
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 No, not the episode. Introduce a dog or a cat to the crew and watch the fur fly!
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Wow man, looks like I was the only slacker who didn't post for any of these topics. Helloo, anyone out there? >echo< >echo< >echo<
please don't leave me here on my own... I'm so afraid...

This one is for the theme of Animals. 50 words, not counting title.


Look at them. Most of them aren’t fit to live. Even the pretty ones.

Beats me why we don’t just space the lot of them. Would be kinder really. And they wouldn’t really know any better. It’s not as if they really feel pain. Lower grades and crims never do.
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Dayna led her silent prize home after killing the Sarran who’d nearly beat him to death.

“No!” Hal ordered sternly.

“I’ll take care of him!”

“He’s brain-damaged. He can’t want to live like that. I can make it quick, and painless.”

“NO!” Dayna flung her arms around the cripple’s neck, making him stagger. “Father, he’s beautiful! Maybe he’ll get better.”

“You can’t keep him as a pet. He has… needs. He could become violent, hurt you or Lauren.”

“We’ll be careful,” Lauren said. Hal gave in.

He was relieved when the stallion escaped from the makeshift pen two days later.
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I'd been planning to do some pages with B7 folk as animals, and just finished it today, so at least it fits the theme, although it's not really a story. I've put the links on the first comment, so as not to clutter the main page here.
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Here's my response to this week's topic, Animals. 180 words.


The puppy had followed him again. "Go home," he said sternly. It sat on its haunches, looking up at him with big adoring brown eyes. "Go home!" he shouted. The puppy whimpered and lowered its head, a picture of rejected friendship.

Damn. He turned his back, hating himself for doing it, and crossed the street to school. His brother had given him the pet to make up for going away and leaving him and although it hadn't, it had captured his affections. He stopped on the other side and looked back. The puppy was still there. He relented.

"Oh, all right. Come on then."

The puppy ran, ears lolloping, bounding with delight--right into the path of a transporter neither had heard approaching.

It had trusted him.


And now he looked at Vila and saw the betrayed friendship in oddly similar brown eyes. If he said something to put it right, he'd only lose him like all the others. Avon smiled. "Well, as you always say, Vila, you know you are safe with me."

There. That should stop him following.

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200 words, sans title and epigraph (and I did it for the epigraph). After Cygnus but before Time Squad.


11 Sep 2004 08:26 am
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OK, just one Beast instead of animals, plural, but I think this counts anyway.

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This week's topic is Animals. The episode, or any sort of animal you like including Jarvik.

And do feel free to suggest topics of your own by adding a comment to any topic post. They'd be very welcome.


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