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126 words

Life Sentence

The problem wasn’t so much that Jenna had lost her ship, crew, cargo and liberty but if she ever managed to get out no one was ever going to trust to her skill again.

Oh, she’d get jobs. A run or two through the outer systems with a good shipment of light weaponry perhaps, or feeding the hedonism of some warlord with a stolen cargo of the Federation’s more exotic foods. Child’s play; she’d be bored in a month.

Even as her sentence was announced she remained impassive. Cygnus Alpha: she found herself more disturbed at the thought of the tediously long space flight than the rumour no one ever escaped that particular prison world.

They led her away, the memory of her beautiful ship exploding in flames numbing her to their harsh laughter at her future.
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This kind of assumes that Evil Scientists working on World-Shaking Projects in Remote Locations keep tabs on each other - but hey, there's no reason why they shouldn't! 100 words.

A very bad day

'Are you sure?’ He kept his voice steady. If these fools scented panic they’d bolt like the rats they were.

‘Quite sure. Wanderer class planet-hopper.’

Damn. He broke the comm. link and slumped into his chair. Wanderer class planet-hopper. Plaxton on Caspar, Justin on Bucol-2 – no word from either after the mystery ship had visited and now it was here. For him.

There’s still time. I can run. He jumped up and began stuffing his notes into a briefcase, a frenzy of activity. Head. Head. Now where did I put that bloody head?

There was a tap on his shoulder.
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It was going to be a good day. For the first time in months the council meeting was to be held on Earth and so his wife could accompany him to the reception beforehand. She was such a good-looking woman, neither a battleaxe as some of the others had married nor a flighty girl after status and money.

She had dressed warmly for the journey in a suit to match his. “If we arrive an hour or two early there’ll be time for a walk in the grounds. Unlike you, I don’t have the opportunity to go outside into the open. Stuck here at home while you go gallivanting around the planets following the president.”

And he had to agree, he had been away a lot recently. It was a pity he didn’t think to ask what she found to do with her time in his absence.
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Oh dear... this should have been the perfect excuse for an angstfest, but something about the phrase set me off in a different direction. Almost none of the words are mine:

A Very Bad Day

"Oh, Vila," said Blake excitedly, "we're going on an Expotition, to discover Central Control."

"Is it fierce?" asked Vila anxiously.

"I'm not asking anybody," said Avon. "I'm just telling everybody. This isn't an Expotition, it's simply a Confused Noise."

"We're starting," said Blake. "I must go." And he hurried off to the front of the Expotition.

"All right," said Avon. "We're going. Only Don't Blame Me."


Blake looked around the empty room.

"Is that it?" said Avon.

"Yes," said Blake.
"Is that what we were looking for?"

"Yes," said Blake.

"Oh!" said Avon. "Well, anyhow - it didn't rain".
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My dear, it's never a question of doing the right thing, but rather one of doing the right thing under the circumstances. And circumstances, contrary to what some would have you believe, never change as much as it appears. If I was fending off challenges within my own party even before I was voted out of office, only a fool would imagine they'd be anything but fueled by my years suckling the teat of Federation hospitality. I fear that, however briefly, I was that fool, and now I'm paying for my sins. I regret ever hearing of the Lindor Strategy.
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So many moments crowd around for recognition as the one when things fell apart. An accidental meeting with an ex, or before that, when you covered him as he shivered in his sleep and realized you felt something honest. Maybe there was a strategic miscalculation somewhere along the line, a 'i' not dotted or a 't' not crossed. Then it's clear: when you heard he was with Blake, you did dare let yourself hope, that Blake would bring him back to Earth, that he would understand what you had become and forgive what you were. It went wrong with hope.
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Here's a drabble and a half. Not entirely happy with it, but, eh. Words on a page, right?

There had been a day once, long ago, when she thought she'd met an honest man. He'd worn his name and his cause on his sleeve, and she'd found, to her surprise, that, while unwilling to die for him, she was willing to believe in him. Then there was the day he'd begun to lie about both his name and his cause, not once, but every day, and started turning in the ones he couldn't recruit for their reward money, more often dead than alive, because dead men didn't tell what they may or may not have seen. “One way or another, they'll do us some good,” he'd said. Then, finally, there was today, where Jenna sat with her finger on the button, waiting quietly for the Federation blockade to close, and realized that even though she no longer believed in honest men, she was dying for him after all.
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As he was bathing, he examined the varied injuries he'd picked up on Terminal. Luckily, nothing was serious.

Lucky. He laughed humourlessly. He'd lost Cally and his ship through concern for someone who didn't give a damn whether he lived or died. Worst of all, he knew he'd continue to make another man's obsessions his own, won over by sheer force of will.

He stepped out of the shower and saw Soolin near his gun. "What are you doing?"

She grinned at his naked body with appreciation. "Why, I'm the welcome wagon, Tarrant."

Maybe it wasn't such a bad day.
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He rolled up tighter, trying to avoid the boots without seeming to cringe. They'd taken everything else, even his computer, but at least he could retain his self-respect.

He was alone, and it was his own fault. If he had a second chance, he'd be more appreciative of his friends, and to hell with Alpha reticence.

Blood poured down his tunic from his nose. It was getting harder to breathe and worse, harder to curse his enemies.

"Enough!" A familiar voice bellowed, and Avon looked up, more terrified of his rescuer than his enemies. "Fighting again, Avon! That's ten demerits!"
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This turned out way over length (it's about 750 words) so I put it in my LJ and linked it instead of posting here:

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Funny where inspiration will strike. Off to see Bridget Jones 2 tonight...


Date: Old calendar now defunct due to War. Therefore new date is 01/00/00.

Hair: Excellent

Dress: Designer, Expensive, See Through, Cold (note to self: ask about thermal undergarments – much better for tramping round caves. Although, not for tramping around!)

Shoes: See above + killer heels

Alcohol Units: None

Rebels Killed: One

Got off to good start today. Executed Mellanby. Then went rapidly downhill.
Failed to execute daughter. Failed totally to get off with Avon. Was left scrabbling in sand, hiding from nasty natives. Natives did look good in leather though. Must remember to order new uniforms for troops when I rebuild army.
On plus side, looked divine all day, Avon most definitely checking me out. And did manage to find rescue. Resolve to hunt down dangerous rebels and shag senseless.
But first, will have much needed shower to remove sand trapped in awkward places.
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This has been a fairly cruddy week for several people I know of, and I haven't really been enjoying it all that much myself. Every cloud has a silver lining, though, because said fact has at least given me an idea for this week's topic: a very bad day. Goodness knows, B7 characters have enough of those...


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