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Hi,  I'm new to this Comm and to writing about Blakes 7, though I have been a fan since it first aired back in the 70's (giving my age away a bit - hee hee) .  I thought of a little short story about something that amused and puzzled me over the years. 

Title:  A and E Clothes Emporium
Word Count:  219
Rating:  General
Notes:  References to Terminal (season 3) and Traitor (Season 4)

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16 Aug 2009 07:40 am
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Title: Terror of the Aurons
Type: Season Three, Spoilers for Children of Auron

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Title: A&E Drabble
Word count: 100
Rating: Gen
Notes: Warning for MPreg.

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When he saw the blood flowing Avon was certain he was going to pass out.

Not that the sight of his own blood usually affected him this way, but then he was overtired and hadn’t eaten for three shifts. And if Vila hadn’t interrupted him at such a crucial moment, the laser probe wouldn’t have sheared away from its target and clean through his left hand.

‘Don’t just stand there, you imbecile! Get me a steriliser pad and something to stop the bleeding!’

Vila was shocked into action. If Avon had cut off his hand, how the hell were they going to fix the shield? He scuttled off to the medical bay.

Ok keep calm and breathe slowly. And don’t look. Definitely better not to look. Oh Jesus am I going to faint? I’ll sit down. Yes that’s it. Sit down before I fall down. And close my eyes. I need to put my head between my knees, but if I do I’ll have to look at my arm and there’ll be blood everywhere.

Damn you Blake, why are you always in such a hurry for everything?

It was one thing for the regen pads to fix muscle and bone, but to re-attach a limb? Not only that, Liberator, the most advanced ship in the galaxy, seemed to have everything a self respecting rebel could possibly need except for cryogenic storage. Heaven only knew where they’d find another neurosurgeon and by then it would be too late.

What if I get blood poisoning? And how the hell will I ever live this down?

The idea of passing out felt suddenly very appealing and Avon slumped gratefully across the table.  


Cally’s voice broke through the fog in his brain and he reluctantly opened his eyes.

‘Avon. I’ve brought you a cup of sweet tea for the shock.’ She smiled encouragingly and pushed a steaming mug towards him.

He glanced down at his hands.

Hands. Both of them. One swathed in a white bandage, but both very definitely still firmly attached. He flexed each finger slowly and then the thumb. Sore, but all working normally.

‘It was a nasty ragged cut and there was a great deal of blood,’ said Cally brightly. ‘But you’ll be fine. I had no idea you were so squeamish, Avon.’

Vila grinned.

Avon glared and stalked off the flight deck to his cabin.

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Considering what my life has been like the last week or so, this weeks topic is A&E.

Which can stand for "Accidents and Emergencies" or "Alarums and Excursions".

If you can think of another "A&E" Feel free to use it!

Edit: A&E can also stand for Arts and Entertainment. (thank you Marian)


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