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Title: Revelation
Word Count: 580
Rating: Gen
Notes: Set at the end of Orbit. I'm using more than one prompt.
Disclaimer: I do not own Blake's 7 and do not seek to profit from this.

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Title: Vampires Don't Sleep
Word Count:420
Rating: Gen
Notes: Set in the Hopeiverse. Hope PGP story
Disclaimer: I don't own Blake's 7, Avon doesn't belong to me and even Hope is available to loan.

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Title: Holiday
Challenge: Off Duty/R&R, Late, When Things Don't Go According To Plan, One Other
Type: Season Three
Character: Avon

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Another mash-up. Strangely it started on "Mothers," but pretty much is "Science/Engineering" and "Equipment Failure."

Word count: 725. Serious spoilers for season 3.

Also, it is gen and very Zen-centric.

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Title: A Proposition
Word Count: 938
Notes: a mixed prompt of Tiger, Phoenix and New Romantics (inspired by "One Night in Bangkok")
Set Post Gauda Prime.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Terry Nation and the BBC do.

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Title: Adoptive Parent
Word Count: 279
Rating: Gen
Notes: More than one prompt inspired this : Demons, Mother's Day, Woman to The rescue and Equipment failure.
It's set during Series 3, no specific episode, no spoilers.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, they are just borrowed from Terry Nation.

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In about 300 words, this manages to be Out of Character, Just in Time, and Novelty Song.

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Caught up

16 May 2006 09:08 am
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Since I joined at the end of January, there were too many good topics left to choose from, so I did them all.  In one fic.
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Roj was proud of his kill, but reluctant to pick it up. Inga snickered. "What's the matter, Roj? Are you afraid of a dead deer?"

"Of course not." He picked up the deer and slung it over his shoulders. He was glad Exbar's wildlife was stunted by the shortage of oxygen.

Inga giggled and followed Roj home, the hairy pelt scratching at the back of his neck the whole way.

Inga learned a few new words that evening, when Ushton noticed Roj scratching at his neck, verified the presence of a deer-tick, and burned it off with a red-hot poker.

(The 3 themes are :Alien planet (well, I think ex-bar is alien), wish fulfillment (Mistraltoes #8, Blake visiting Ushton as a boy) and 3 random words -tick hairy verified.)
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Liberator had gone to Space World for parts. It was safe, the people were in charge, but most of them were not quite right in the head.

'Buy a magic wishing ferret!" an old man begged, holding out a lumpy plastic object to Tarrant. He looked frightened out of his wits when Tarrant refused to fall for that old con - not again. "Egrorian will beat me if you don't!" The bald-faced liar wept a river of tears.

Avon snorted when Tarrant asked for fifty credits for a ferret. "Neither a lender nor a borrower be," was his parting shot.

[This uses 4 themes: Strange combinations (Pinder and Tarrant on spaceworld with a plastic ferret), Proverbs, Sayings, and Figures of Speech (out of the 10 random ones generated, I used these: frightened out of his wits, river of tears, neither a lender nor a borrower be, bald faced liar and parting shot), Cons, and Wishes]
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Veron didn't care if she died, so of course, she didn't. She found a grav-lift and managed to reverse the field so it pushed the rubble off Gan. She was determined that Servalan wouldn't be able to collect the bounty on him. He'd been kind to her. She brushed back a tear, remembering her father. Gan was nothing like her dim recollections of him- except... that he was.

When she dragged him out of the muck, something caught. She pulled harder and then felt sick when she saw the limiter, exposed.
She buried him under a patch of forget-me-nots.

(I *think* this covered 5 topics: Gan, set on earth, free-range rebels, advanced technology, memories)


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