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This week's topic is home. What were the crew's childhood homes like, or the homes of those who still have them, what do people consider a home, what do they long for?
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One shatters it in bits to mend a wall;

Had she broken his heart? It was probable, he conceded, though if so, his grieving was not conventional. There was no sobbing into a pillow, no mooning over a picture, no contemplation of the tokens she'd given him, only to smash them in rage. The laser probe and the microfilms on Star systems were, anyway, far too useful to throw away. He did, briefly, toy with the idea of ripping her picture into tiny pieces but then decided to keep it to remind him of something he'd always known but had hoped was untrue. Read more... )
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Your topic for this week is:


Feel free to interpret in any way you choose, from the general meaning to the literal, or anything else you can come up with! Don't forget that all fanworks are welcome and all previous prompts are open for grabs. Have fun!
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This week's topic is Imagination. Whether it is too little or too much, use it in any way shape or form you care to use.
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It's been a while since I did one of these, so your topic for this week is

Doctor Who episode titles

Use any DW episode title as a prompt in any way you can dream up. You can find a full list here. (And, yes, you can use individual episode titles, & serial titles. TV-only, though, as that's a sufficiently large list to be going on with! It's okay to use the alternative titles for early episodes, though, if you wish.)

Don't forget that all previous topics are open and that all fanworks are welcome - and have fun!
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This one's been going around my flist, so I decided to adapt it.

Visit this site to find a random poem.
Write down the 5th line.
Write a fic using the line as a prompt. You don't have to include it in the fic - it's just inspiration.

[Edited as the previous random poem site went down, maybe due the the sheer weight of traffic. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] babel, for the new site.]
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As it is the anniversary of The Battle Of Britain this week the topic is Battles. Any sort between ships of course is an obvious choice but don't be limited, verbal battles, battle of wills, the sexes... as usual the choice is yours to interpret as you wish in whatever medium that appeals to you. Go ahead and create!
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I started this fic for the Tanith Lee challenge, but didn't make it in time. Catch up week came at just the right time. Be warned, there are spoilers for the series.

Mostly Exaggerated (3388 words) by elviaprose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kerr Avon & Roj Blake
Characters: Soolin (Blake's 7), Del Tarrant, Dayna Mellanby, Deva (Blake's 7), Vila Restal, Roj Blake, Kerr Avon

In the aftermath of Gauda Prime, the rebels tell ghost stories.

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Sorry this is a bit late; I lost track.

Anyway this week's challenge is to pick a random starter and continue from there. Just click till you find something that appeals.
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As the Liberator has been sold again the topic this week is The Liberator

Again to interpret as you wish. From our valiant crew to someone else buying a secondhand spaceship, the choice as ever is yours.
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Whoops, I knew my topic, but forgot the day. (It might still be Friday somewhere, yes?) /o\ Anyway, your topic for this week is, for sadly obvious reasons,:

Tanith Lee

Crossover with any of her works, create something relating to her episodes, or something from Kill the Dead, or anything that seems good to you. And don't forget that all fanworks are welcome and if this week's prompt isn't inspiring you, all previous prompts are always open for grabs!
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Two word lists:

Words added to the Scrabble dictionary (though I've used several all my life)
Words removed from and added to the Oxford Junior Dictionary

The challenge: pick at least three from one of the lists and use them in a story.
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This week's topic is Music videos. Any song video that inspires fiction or even another song video. Here are two sites that may give you some ideas.



Take the prompts from the song, the title or even the scenes as they are stitched together. The choice is yours, have fun!
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Not that I'm making a comment about anything outside of our show's tendency to Murphy's Law, of course, but your topic for this week is:

Doom and Disaster

Feel free to interpret the challenge as widely as you choose, and have fun! Don't forget that all types of fanworks are welcome, and that all previous topics are open if this one doesn't inspire you.
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Title: Re-election.
Prompt: What I really want.
Rating: Gen.
Series: AU.
Characters: Blake.
Words: 710.

Read more... )
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What do people really want, or think they want, and how do they react to getting it? Probably PGP or an AU, but give someone their dream. Or, knowing B7, their nightmare.

Shakes' 7

26 Apr 2015 08:09 pm
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In honor of Shakespeare's birthday/this prompt, I've taken a shot at something I've been wanting to do for a while: the final scene of "Blake," roughly (so roughly!) in the style of Shakespeare. Rating is the same as the final episode. Expect Shakespearean levels of homoeroticism. Oh, and beware major spoilers for "Blake."

The Tragical History of Roj Blake )
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"What had possessed him? "Blake thought morosely, watching as Scotty hit yet another of his pitches to the boundary, wincing as Gan and Vila barrelled into each other again in a futile attempt to catch the ball as it dropped. Read more... )
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As this week sees the birthday of William Shakespeare and St. George's Day, the topic is all things English. You can take inspiration from anything that is quintessentially English from tea in the afternoon, cricket, any of Shakespeare's plays or even the legend of St George himself.

The choice as ever is yours to interpret any way you see fit.
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Your (belated! again! sorry!) topic for this week is:


As ever, feel free to interpret the prompt as widely as you like, and don't forget that all fanworks are welcome. If you don't like this week's prompt, all previous prompts are open - have fun!
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This week's topic is hobbies or interests. What do people do in their spare time; what secret and possibly strange enthusiasms do they have?
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Even though the sun was shining, he was cold. These days he was never really warm. It was as if a shard of ice had entered his blood stream spreading its chill.Read more... )
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OK, how about food? Are there any Federation festivals that have traditional items or meals associated? Have any traditional foods with a religious basis survived, covertly or otherwise?
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No topic yet? OK, how about a random title challenge? My first go turned up "The Magic Computer". :-)
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Sorry, I've been slack what with being ill (and missing my last turn) and then away on holiday, but here, have a catch-up week! This is a chance to have a go at any of the last quarter's topics - or indeed any past topic at all.
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Title: One for the Road
Rating: PG
Word Count: 692
Summary: Blake never expected Death to come to take him personally. Or for Death to come bearing a cocktail glass ...
Link: Here
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In honour of Terry Pratchett this week topic is Slipped Disc. Our characters in Discworld or vice versa. The choice is yours.


28 Feb 2015 05:50 pm
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"Why do you think I stayed? Affection for him?"

Tarrant is visibly reassured by her blurted question, taking it at face value, his train of thought obvious to her. One other person who has come to dislike Avon. Unexpected, given he had thought there was something between them but inevitable. Avon is more machine than human and Cally has finally had enough of his cold logic. She has revealed herself as a potential ally for when he decides to make his move and get rid of the man. Hell hath no fury...Read more... )
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In honour of Leonard Nimoy, who died today, this week the Topic is Logic. With or without Vulcans or the "Other Federation", the choice as ever is yours to interpret how you wish.


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