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You may have noticed that I love writing devices like random generators, so here's another for your topic for this week:

Unconventional Courtship Generator

The link is here, and Blake's 7 is already one of the fandom options (although you can still customise your own list if you would like a different set of characters) and produce summaries like these and try and fic them (though you're welcome to de-romanticise them all you like)! Good luck!

One decision can change everything… Is there more than one route to happiness?
After the excitement and drama of working in A&E, Zen is at a crossroads; he’s in need of a change and a little TLC.
Will he accept a new assignment nursing injured, impatient, wealthy Kerr Avon?Or should he take the job as a practice nurse in single mother Dr Cally's surgery?

243) Captured Countess by Ann Lethbridge
Never trust a spy!
Dayna Mellanby, the Countess Vilandry, is on a dangerous mission — to lure fellow spy Kerr Avon into bed and into revealing his true loyalties. With such sensual games at play and such strong sensations awakened, suddenly Dayna's dangerously close to exposing her real identity.
Kerr knows that the countess has been sent to seduce him. The only question is to what end? He's never met such a captivating woman — and he's determined to enjoy every seductive second she spends as his very willing captive!

246) Rake Beyond Redemption by Anne O'Brien
Reckless rogue or man of honour? Riding on a Sussex beach, Orac fights through the waves to rescue a young lord trapped by the tide. He's instantly captivated by his handsome face and dauntless spirit — but as a smuggler with a tarnished reputation Orac has nothing to offer a man such as him. Kerr Avon is determined to unravel the mystery of his brooding rescuer. His passionate kisses are as dangerous as his reputation. The integrity in his eyes indicates he's a gentleman… but the secrets and rumours say that he's a rake beyond redemption…

445) The Librarian's Passionate Knight by Cindy Gerard
When he saw the man who rescued him from a stalker ex-boyfriend, librarian Vila Restal couldn't believe his eyes.
Only in books - and in his fantasies - had he seen a sexy-as-sin man like Roj Blake. He was everything a hero should be - brave, gorgeous, wealthy...and totally out of his league.
Roj Blake, international thrill seeker, thought he'd seen it all. But nothing had prepared him for the rush of Vila's guileless smile.Nothing shocked him more than the unfamiliar desire to stay with him. For the first time, Roj felt real fear: Would he survive an affair with the innocent, bespectacled librarian?

369) Breathless on the Beach - Wendy Etherington
She was everything he needed… PR executive Kerr Avon prefers to play it cool. So when a weekend schmooze with a potential new client finds him face to face with his grating office rival, Kerr is livid. And the topping on his peeved pie? Outdoor adventure company mogul Servalan – who’s irritating, hot, laid-back, and sexy enough to blow Kerr’s composure right out the window… along with his inhibitions!
He’s not her type. And she’s definitely not his. But when the weekend slips completely out of his control, thanks to a surprise jewel heist, Kerr will have to choose between keeping his cool, or letting the heat – and Servalan – take his breath away!

119) Pride After Her Fall- Lucy Ellis
The secrets behind his smile… Bankrupt, homeless and alone, Kerr Avon is an heir on the edge. Yet he hides his desperation behind his glossy blond hair and even brighter smile. Getting lectured on his driving by a hot-tempered – and ridiculously attractive – stranger will not be what shatters his carefully crafted façade! Legendary Australian racing driver Roj Blake knows a thing or two about pride and sees straight through Kerr’s polished front. His vulnerabilities play havoc with his concentration and, never shy of a challenge, he begins his biggest yet: unwrapping the real Kerr Avon.

(I'm sorry?)
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